Beyond Vegan | An Alkaline Holiday with Chef Crush is the 2nd book in our Beyond Vegan cookbook series. This series of books shows you how to cook using healing foods that fuel the body and provide it the proper balanced alkaline environment to aid in self repair. All of the recipes in this cookbook take traditional foods and modify them using ingredients from Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide.

We are foodies. We have created this cookbook to provide tasty meals that the whole family can enjoy. Being conscious of what you eat does not mean that you have to give up flavors and textures that you love. We know that just becoming a “vegan” doesn’t mean that your menu consists of healing foods either. We are taking veganism one step further. Beyond Vegan, as advocated by the African Bio Mineral Balance Methodology.

We give you step by step meal instruction & color pictures of important steps in the cooking process. We provide a list of the primary kitchen tools that you will need to create each dish and tips that may help you take your menu to the next level. These recipes are straight forward. Let them be the basis for additional ideas that you may have to make your event or feast uniquely its own. 

Do you want an alkaline meal solution for Thanksgiving? Something that looks and tastes like a “normal” holiday meal but follows Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide? We’ve got you covered! Reserve your meal box and pick it up the day before the festivities at our event space in Brooklyn. Your meal will come in a eco-friendly meal box that transfers well into a Pyrex Dish for heating up to serve. We are making a LIMITED QUANTITY so reserve early. Your order MUST be placed by end of day November 20th. No exceptions. We will also have other items for sale – Our books, alkaline herbs, The Crown of Brooklyn Hair Care Products and some TBD baked goodies by Chef Crush.