Grab our  Beyond Vegan  MineralsFAST eCourse for 25% OFF. Learn how to create a fast that fits your lifestyle and allows for detoxification WITH high mineral intake. You get a 60+ page eBook as well as 10 “How To” videos. Once you get the ECourse, you are allowed entry into our Facebook Group of the same name. If you are interested in completing your fast with a group, we will be doing a GROUP FAST starting September 14th that includes daily FB lives that can help you stay on the journey. Our last group fast this summer was awesome. Now we have a solid group of veteran fasters to add their input . Whether you are new to fasting or do it seasonally like we do, this group’s vibe is fantastic. Looking forward to meeting new members:-)

Our Scheduled Event for APRIL 2018. The event “TALK AND TASTE WITH CHEF CRUSH” is FREE. Donations are only necessary if you would like samples of the food created by Chef Crush at the event (the day of the event).

Chef Crush will be answering your Alkaline Eclectic food questions and cooking up a few of his most requested recipes. The event is FREE to all who want to attend. If you would like to participate in the TASTING, we are asking for a $15 donation to the Alkaline Eclectic Society. You will receive at least 3 different samples from the food he creates during the event. All donations are 100% tax deductible and will go toward our mission of educating and expanding the reach of the African Bio Mineral Balance healing modality.

The tasting is limited to the first 30 donations. For those who donate after the 30 donations are reached, you will receive a bag of PREMIUM Soursop Tea the day of the event. This offer is only open to people attending the event. Otherwise, if you would like to make a general donate to our mission, click the donation button at the bottom of our HOME page.